We Work with: Save The Children

In Australia and around the world, Save the Children give a powerful voice to children and champion their rights. As a global organisation, in 2018 they directly reached more than 40 million children in 116 countries.

Their work tackles all the issues that affect children, including access to health and education, saving lives in a disaster, stopping climate change and protecting children from harm. Also, they work around the world to protect children from abuse and neglect, provide access to healthcare and education and to assist children in times of emergency.

Save the Children Australia manages and implements programs that assist children around the world and in Australia. They work in partnership with local communities, all levels of government, other NGOs, community and advocacy groups, corporate partners and individual donors to create change for children, families and their communities.

Australian Programs

Save The Children's vision is for all Australian children to have the capabilities, connections and confidence for success in their future - regardless of background, location or circumstances.

Their Australian Programs are dedicated to supporting children in all the states and territories of Australia to reach their full potential. They focus on ensuring that children and young people participate and are engaged in learning, that families provide positive, safe and supportive home environments, and that communities are strong, connected and safe for children and young people.

International Programs

Save The Children work with girls, boys and their families in 20 countries across South-East and South-Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Pacific region to save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential.

They aim to ensure that no child dies from preventable causes before their fifth birthday, that all children learn from a quality basic education, and are steadfast in the belief that violence against children can no longer be tolerated.

To achieve these outcomes, Save The Children deliver evidence-based programs that reach children, families and communities. These programs focus on health, education and protecting children. We work to reach girls and boys caught up in humanitarian emergencies, and make children more resilient to climate change and disasters.

You can get more information at savethechildren.org.au

- Coach Luciano