We Work with: Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an internationally-recognised Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade.

They believe "no child should be forced to have sex with adults - ever!"

I think we can all agree with that!

With human trafficking being the fastest growing crime in the world - not far behind to the #1 crime of drug trafficking - with over one million children trafficked into situations of sexual exploitation, Destiny Rescue has made a commitment to be instrumental in helping to reverse these figures.

How do they do it? They Rescue, Restore and Reintegrate.


Their international front line teams venture into bars, massage parlours and brothels in S.E. Asia and Central America posing as customers.

They work covertly right under the noses of 'mamasans' and pimps to develop relationships of trust with the young girls, to gather intelligence, and to eventually facilitate raids. Larger 'raid rescues' are conducted in partnership with the, federal and local authorities.

However, smaller ‘covert rescues’ also occur where brothel owners are paid a ‘bar fine’, allowing their agents to take the girls offsite. This provides the opportunity to whisk them away to safety, where their qualified aftercare staff await and welcome them.


Reintegration takes place following Destiny Rescue Aftercare Services which currently operate under two basic models:

Residential Care

A six-month program which places a large focus on providing education and information on the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of trauma, soft skills learning, vocational training, and sexual health and wellbeing.

The goal of this program is to see each child not only heal from their past experiences but also to bounce back even higher than before by placing a focus on growth in the following areas:

  1. Strengthened Relationships
  2. Greater Appreciation for Life
  3. A Sense of one's own inner strength
  4. Deepening of Spiritual Life
  5. Ability to identify new opportunities
Community Care

With a heavier focus now placed on community care, Destiny Rescue's teams have been able to work with the children they rescue alongside their families to create care and reintegration plans with the family unit as a whole.

This has opened many more doors for them to identify the needs of the family at a community level as well as provide them with the opportunity to equip and empower lives to live safely and sustainably, free from the vulnerability of exploitation in the future.

This twelve-month program consists of social work support in order to provide education, gain access to available community resources, identify future pathways and establish goals in order to achieve both short and long term safety and success.


Reintegration takes place following each program once the children have successfully met goals set in the care plan created by their caseworker and in some cases family members.

Some of these goals include:

  1. Demonstrates high levels of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing
  2. Successful Graduation of Psycho-education Programs
  3. Demonstrates Economic Empowerment and Education
  4. Established Social Support Networks
  5. Ensured Safety within the Community

What a way of making a positive and meaningful impact in the world, right?

You can check them out at www.destinyrescue.org.au

- Coach Luciano