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Splash is our "hygiene" choice.

It's 2018, yet there are still millions of kids living in hundreds of cities around the world without safe water.

Most people would recoil at the thought of giving their child a glass of water contaminated by fecal coliform or E. coli. But that is what is happening in places where most people aren’t looking. The global water crisis impacts kids disproportionately: Over 90% of deaths from water-borne illness are of children and youth.

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All over the world, the trends of poverty are abundantly clear: The poor are moving to the cities in droves. An epic migration is afoot. In 2007 we passed equilibrium. Before that time, the majority of the world’s inhabitants lived in rural areas. Today, the majority live in urban contexts. Changing times call for changing perspectives.

Urban migration creates a new reality that can be seized: Density. Infrastructure. Power. Scale. And massive amounts of water that is unclean. This new fact-pattern gives birth to a unique opportunity: leverage a solution from commercial settings to serve and empower the poor. Immediate impact and lasting change are both possible.

How Does Splash Help?

Splash works with foreign governments & builds local businesses to create safe water projects, at scale, in resource-poor cities. The puzzle pieces already exist. We only need to reconfigure them to create a more efficient, effective and equitable product.

Splash takes what works for world-class restaurants and hotels—their technology, supply chains and standards—to make the same quality possible for kids living in urban poverty.

Filtration alone can’t stave off water-borne illness. Behaviour change is critical. Children learn about personal hygiene. For those lessons to last, they make them locally appropriate—and fun. Splash is seeing kids become empowered to make health a positive-peer-pressure priority. Student hygiene clubs are coalescing and with significant impact.

While securing clean water, Splash builds relationships with local organisations, businesses and governments to ensure appropriate provision and maintenance of toilets. The bargaining chip of fresh water is proving to be quite valuable. When Splash does work that is initially perceived as impossible—cleaning water—then local organisations offer to their part with the possible: sanitation.

Splash works mainly with children in Nepal, China, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam.

You can find more information on their website at https://splash.org/

Pretty impressive work, right!?

- Coach Luciano