We Work with: Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is our "education-and-literacy" choice.

250 million children of primary school age lack essential reading, writing and math skills.

Concentrating their work in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, Pencils of Promise are changing what a learning experience can be for a child anywhere in the world.

All of their programs are designed to fit together to allow students to have the best opportunities and resources to reach their literacy goals.

They do this by focusing their efforts in three main areas:

1. Teacher Support

They are changing the way teachers are trained and supported to ensure that students are learning effectively. Engaging learning materials are created to address the lack of sufficient resources in the classroom. Teachers are provided with an interactive methodology, coaching and workshops. They also evaluate student education indicators to assess the quality of the program. Teachers that receive Pencils of Promise support see 3x higher test scores amongst their students.

They've shared with us some handouts they used in one of their workshops in Ghana. You can download them by clicking on the PDF images below:

2. School Builds

A safe, sound school structure is the first step in providing students with a brighter future. Unfortunately, 85% of the communities Pencils of Promise visit lack basic school infrastructure. They only work with communities who are deeply committed to their children’s education, as each community contributes 20% to the build through labour and materials. Then, Pencils of Promise provide supplemental programming to allow quality learning.

3. Water & Health

Students miss 272 million school days due to preventable illness. So, with water & health programs Pencils of Promise build bathrooms and hand-washing stations. They teach kids about water, sanitation and hygiene to keep them healthy and in school, and throughout the year, they observe students make sure they are improving their health and sanitation behaviours.

You can get more information on their website at https://pencilsofpromise.org/

It's a pretty good job these guys are doing, right?

- Coach Luciano