We Work with: Eagle Condor Humanitarian

Eagle Condor Humanitarian is our "health-and-infrastructure" choice.

They have been helping alleviate extreme poverty in Latin America for 15 years. They work with children, adults and families from Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Eagle Condor Humanitarian runs projects that focus in three main areas:

1. Children Nutrition and Education

Their program starts by identifying deficits in childhood nutrition and education. Then moves to introduce rotational garden/farming (plant & small animal), grow, prepare and serve a daily, nutrition-rich meal that addresses explicitly nutritional deficiencies for children, and delivers a curriculum that meets children's needs explicitly.

2. Local Village Infrastructure

Local villages have several needs that are not able to obtain because of a lack of resources. Working with local communities, they create a sustainable program that helps build long-term self-reliance. Projects include water lines to homes, preschools supplies and construction, eye exams, medical clinics, and farming.

3. Adults Self-reliance Training

Eagle Condor works with the adults in the communities to improve their current skills and help them obtain new ones to become self-sufficient. The training includes business principles, quality of life, business plan, family plan, and financial literacy.

Here is a video that shows a bit more about what they do:

Amazing work, right?

- Coach Luciano