April 2018 – Voting Results

And the winner for April 2018 is...

Pencils of Promise!

One month of hard work and effort is gone, more than 4 kilos lost. And this is considering not everybody took their second measurement!

Well done team!

This is what the voting results look like.

So we've decided to set up recurring donations to all three organizations. We'll start with $US20 per month for each one as a baseline. This way we'll be able to support their work on an ongoing basis.

On top of this, the rest of the profit will go to the winner. This means that the winner takes the recurring donation PLUS the kilos donations. I hope you like the idea.

​So here is the breakdown for this month:

Date: 9 of May 2018

  • Pencils of Promise: US$60
  • Splash: US$20
  • Eagle-Condor Humanitarian: US$20​

This adds up to: US$100

Not only are we changing our own lives, but we are changing others'!

I hope you are as excited as I am.

- Coach Luciano